Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm visiting some old friends today and tomorrow, and of course, that means dining out and stuff. For dinner, everyone wanted Chinese food (haha, remember my Panda Express sentiments?). I chose mu shu chicken, thinking it was less bad than most other stuff on the menu, and resisted the egg rolls everyone else ordered. Then, after dinner, we had a little chocolate treat, and I thought to myself, well, it is a special occasion, so I won't worry about cheating. Not to mention that lunch was out today at Souplantation with DH. But guess what?? After everything was input into FitDay, it still met my goals! Woo-hoo. I can't believe it. Resisting that second muffin at Souplantation and only eating half my order at dinner really did help. It's basically like a miracle that I get to count today as perfect, but I'm definitely not complaining. :D

Workout: Baptiste Journey Into Power Yoga 2
Food: 2002 Cal, 47/29/24
Consecutive Perfect Days: 3
Total Perfect days: 11/39

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