Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm a copycat

So when DH and I started P90X, we found Maggie Wang's Blog. I've been reading it periodically, and the other day I came across a thread she had started on another fitness board that was a motivational check in. Instead of checking in to list all the things they did wrong, she made it a challenge to list your goals and then rack up as many perfect days of meeting them as possible. I love this idea, so I'm copying it. Here are my goals, and I'm going to count consecutive perfect days and total perfect days out of the 39 remaining days of P90X. I'll post a daily accounting of how I'm doing.

  • complete the rest of this P90X rotation in its entirety, including doubles workouts
  • ok to sub other steady state cardio for KenpoX, other power yoga workouts for Yoga X, and Cathe Imaxes for Plyo

  • maintain daily macronutrient ratio of 40-50% carbs/30-40% protein/20-30% fat
  • keep daily caloric intake between 1400-1700 calories, cheat days may go up to 2000
  • eat 5-6 meals/day
  • allowed 2 cheat meals/week

  • no buying new workouts until the end of this rotation
  • no eating just because I'm bored while being off for the summer

So, for today:
workout: Turbo Jam Kick, Punch, & Jam (instead of Kenpo X)
food: 1405Cal, 43/35/22
number of consecutive perfect days: 1
total perfect days: 1/39

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