Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grass-fed round roast, cooked sous vide

Bottom round is a very tough cut with lots of connective tissue and
little marbling. In my past cooking experiences trying it as a pot
roast, it's kinda tough, dry, and not super tasty. So that makes this
a perfect cut to try out long, slow sous vide cooking.

I salted and peppered the roast, seared it on top and bottom, then
vacuum sealed it with my FoodSaver. I cooked it in my SousVide Supreme
for 28 hours at 131 degrees F. Then I seared it again in bacon grease
before slicing it and serving.

It came out very tender, moist, and cooked perfectly medium rare.
Definitely the tastiest "pot roast" I've ever made, and really really
easy. My 4 year old gobbled it up without any prodding! I will be
making pot roast like this again for sure.