Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to zero

Well, I guess I had it coming with all that talk about being perfect. I had my cheat meal yesterday, and it wasn't that bad, but usually I try to keep my meals really good the rest of the day before I cheat. However, yesterday was just okay, not great (before the cheat) and then we went to Pat and Oscars. But it was so worth it! I love those breadsticks and I haven't had real pizza in a long time. Yummy! So, my consecutive count is back to zero. But I'll be good from now on, I promise ;) I have always said that it's only worth doing if it doesn't make you miserable doing it. That's why I allow myself cheat days in the first place: if I really want something, then I should be allowed to have it. Just use moderation!

Thursday's workout: Shoulders & Arms, TJ Cardio Party Remix, Ab Jam
Thursday's food: 1649 Cals, 47/36/18

Friday's workout: rest day
Friday's food: 2383 Cals, 43/23/34

Consecutive Perfect Days: 0
Total Perfect Days: 8

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