Friday, June 16, 2006


Ok, not really. I still fell within my goals, but I did have a planned cheat meal at my favorite cookie 'n' ice cream place: Diddy Riese. Fresh cinnamon sugar cookies wrapped around butter pecan ice cream. Yum! This was after being extremely good at the Olive Garden, where I had scoped out ahead of time and ordered the Apricot Chicken. I highly recommend this dish. It's low fat/high protein and is yum yum yummy! I had half, and DH had half, but did we just order one and share? Of course not. So now we both have lunches in the fridge. We're so cute, all the same but different.

Workout: rest day
Food: 1752 cals, 39/30/31
Consecutive perfect days: 2/2
Total perfect days: 2/39

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