Friday, July 14, 2006

P90X is amazing

I've been a complete blog slacker. It's mostly because I have gotten the buy-a-new-house-bug and spend all my computer time searching the MLS for new listings and driving by homes for sale. We put our house on the market two days ago, so it's really real, now.

As far as food and workouts, i've been ok, but not perfect :( I've decided to stop my challenge and save it for another time when I am more focused on it. I know I can do it, and I'm not saying that I haven't been eating well and working out, but I don't have the time to log every single food and stuff right now, withh all the house stuff. So, after this house thing is done, I'll be back for a new challenge.

DH bought his own set of power blocks that are much heavier than mine. It's nice to have the option to go heavier now if I want it. And for him, it's essential if he wants to really bulk up. I love power blocks I try to convince everyone I know that uses weights to get them. If you're reading this, you should get some :)

Though I'm not quite finished with P90x yet, I have like 2 more workouts and then a rest weeek, so I feel safe making these observations. I have NEVER even been close to this fit in my life. I weigh less now than I did when I was in high school. I have nicely defined muscles and am really strong [for a girl ;) ]. I know much of it is because not only did I start lifting REALLY heavy, but because I started really caring about what I ate. I hate it when people say I'm on a "diet" because I'm not: I have changed my eating habits for good. For a long time, I used to think that eating healthy was ok, but I'd never be obsessed about it because I enjoy too many "bad" foods. But I've realized that healthy foods can actually be extremely yummy. Like yummier than bad foods usually. And I sill allow myself little treast now and then, but it's a lot more in moderation that I used to be. It makes me really enjoy treats now instead of taking them for granted. So basically, doing p90x has made me realize a lot more of my potential than I ever thought possible. Who knew I'd weigh 117 AND be able to do 5 pullups? This is awesome! I will definitely be keeping p90x around and using it a lot.

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