Monday, July 31, 2006

Hamburger Dinner

This whole meal came straight from the freezer, and was on the table 10 minutes after I started cooking. Plus, it's yummy, too.

I used the frozen hamburger patties available in the bulk section: 93% lean, 7% fat. According the the package, each 4oz patty has 8g of fat, but I read a study that says you reduce the fat content by about a gram if you blot the meat with a paper towel before eating. So, I count each patty as only having 7g of fat. Still a little high, but ok if you keep the rest of the day low. I feet my DH 2 patties and a larger portion of corn so his calories are much higher.

Totals for this meal were: 301 Cals, 8 g fat, 33g carbs (9 g fiber), 29g protein

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