Saturday, June 12, 2010

Red Velvet Pancakes

Even though I think red velvet is just the most recent food trend and I'm sure that in a decade everyone will make fun of it like they do about fondue (which I also love!!!), I still really love the craze. I tried red velvet pancakes for the first time at a local restaurant and immediately became obsessed. However, $15 for a stack of brightly dyed pancakes just seems wrong, especially when yummy pancakes are so easy to make at home. So, here's my version: not healthy at all, but requested multiple times by the pancake-hating hubby, so they must be good :)

Red Velvet Pancakes

1 c flour

1/3 c sugar

1/8 t salt

1 t baking soda

2 T cocoa

1 c buttermilk

2 T melted butter

1 egg

1 t vanilla

1 T red food coloring

For Frosting

4oz cream cheese

1/4c powdered sugar

Mix dry ingredients together. Mix wet ingredients together in a searate bowl. Slowly add the wet into the dry, mixing until just incorporated.

Cook like standard pancakes, but at a lower temperature so the sugar doesn't burn. I cooked mine over medium-low heat for about 2 minutes per side.

Meanwhile, beat the frosting ingredients together until smooth. To serve, spread a thin layer of frosting between three pancakes, cut the sandwich in half, and add a dollop of frosting and some toasted pecans on top to garnish.

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