Friday, June 25, 2010

Providence-lite Kettlebell Circuit

I have tons of great workout DVDs, but for some reason, recently I just can't be bothered to pop them in the DVD player and follow along with them. I want to do my own thing! I love Art of Strength workouts and haven't done Providence in a while, but I couldn't force myself do an hour in front of the TV, so I made my own mini circuit that is Providence-inspired. I did 12 rounds of 70 seconds work and 20 seconds rest (so that it would come out to an even minute and a half per round!). I chose some of the exercises from Providence, and made up some of my own. Definitely fun, and I can do it anywhere. I do recommend the real workout, though. It's waaaay harder and the music is awesome. The number of reps below for each side were what I did this time, obviously different people might squeeze in different numbers during the 70 seconds.

Round 1: Two handed swings x 25, one handed swing x 10 each side

Round 2: cleans x 5 each side (keep alternating sides until time is up)

Round 3: one handed chest press x 5 each side (keep alternating sides until time is up)

Round 4: front squats x 15, sumo squats x 15

Round 5: One-legged deadlift x15 each side

Round 6: windmill + overhead squat x5 each side (these are so freakin' hard!)

Round 7: clean and press x5 each side (keep alternating sides until time is up)

Round 8: swing/catch/squat

Round 9: alternating front lunges

Round 10: two-handed bicep curl/press/military press

Round 11: One arm row x 15 each side

Round 12: Russian twists x 30 sec, then switch to plank for remaining time

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