Thursday, June 17, 2010

All Bodyweight Circuit

This workout uses only a pull up bar and an interval timer. It is 6 rounds of 4 exercises: one lower body, one upper body, one core, and one cardio. Do each exercise for one minute and do all 4 in the round without rest. Take a 30 second break between rounds. 27 minutes total, or just over 30 with a warm up.

Round 1
hamstring kickbacks (starting on all fours)
tripod plank
reverse crunches
high knee taps

Round 2
alternating lunges
narrow push ups
flutter kicks
half jumping jacks

Round 3
stationary lunges (30 sec on each leg)
diamond push ups
toe reach crunches
mountain climbers

Round 4
negative push ups (count to 5 slowly as you lower down)
side planks (30 sec each side)
squat jumps (touch the floor when you go down into the squat)

Round 5
walking lunges
wide push ups

Round 6
sumo squats
pull ups
bicycle crunches
jumping jacks

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