Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The "I can do better" Workout

I made up another bodyweight/kettlebell/jump rope circuit. It was fun, but as I was doing it, I was already planning how to make it better for next time. Initially, I planned to do 25 reps of each exercise, but I realized most of them were paired, and needed an even number, so I did 12 on each side instead. Next time, I'll do either 30 or 40 reps instead of "25." I also did 50 jump rope jumps between exercises, but next time I'll do 100, since the 50 seemed a bit short.

1a. lizard push ups x 24
1b. chin ups x10 (haha, I wish I could do 25!)
1.c 50 rope jumps

2a. kettlebell swings x 25
2b. burpees x 25
2.c 50 rope jumps

3a. C&P x12 each side
3b. one arm row x 12 each side
3.c 50 rope jumps

4a. kettlebell snatches x 12 each side
4b. suitcase dead lifts x 12 each side
4.c 50 rope jumps

5a. swing/catch/squat x 25
5b. tactical lunges x24
5.c 50 rope jumps

6a. plank punches x 24
6b. overhead swings x 25
6.c 50 rope jumps


Tim Fredriksson said...

Sounds hard!

Anjjja said...

Haha, so funny to see someone else having the "but I'll do the double next time, because this didn't seem enough" in training! :D It really made a norwegian girl sitting in Russia smile!

InstantBlue said...

I'm glad you liked it! It's good to know I'm not
the only competative one out there :)

Ghost said...

this looks good!
great blog, anyway...