Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Bento Boxes

I have a growing collection of fun lunchboxes to bring my breakfast, lunch, and snacks to work with me. In addition to it being practical, since don't have the option of going out for lunch on my job, it also makes bringing my food with me more fun. If I can pull out a cute or attracive (or both!) container, I actually enjoy my food more. Yes, it is silly, but whatever. My food is pretty and healthy. woo.

Here are a few of my favorites.

This is definitely my favorite lunch situation right now. It's the Zojirushi Mini Stainless Thermal Lunch Box, in a green. For me, it actually holds a lunch and a snack like yogurt or cottage cheese. I love it because it looks good and isn't bulky to carry around. It's main dish compartment is vacuum insulated, but I've never tried this feature since I have a refridgerator and microwave in my office. Unfortunatley, to be perfect, it needs one more container for breakfast items.

When I bring the Zojirushi Mini Green above, I usually also bring a breakfast omelet in this cute orange Daiso box. I got it at Marukai, my local Japanese dollar store for $1.50, and it seems to be just a good quality as the $10 Leaflet Tight box I have below. It's the perfect size for an omelet, and the seal around the lid means it doesn't leak that myster egg-water all over my bag.

Here's my Mr. Bento. It's a classic among bento-packers, and it's perfect for bringing my entire food supply for the day with me to work. It has 2 vacuum insulated containers, and two non-insulated ones. It ends up holding my lunch entree, lunch veggie, extra snack, and breakfast omelet perfectly. It's a true workhorse, but sometimes it bulkier than I want. I'm thinking of decorating it with stickers or colors to make it prettier....

I love this one, but it's a little big for just my lunch, and a snack usually is too leaky to fit in the extra compartment, so I don't use it as much as I would like to. :( But it just makes me happy to look at it and think about it's name: Leaflet Tight. (What? Sometimes the translations are so random and funny!)

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