Friday, February 06, 2009

Cathe's STS Ab Circuits: Yoga-Based Abs

I tried this the other day, in place of my Chalean Extreme ab routine I am supposed to do (but honestly...I HATE doing ab workouts, and if they're not built directly into a workout I'm doing, it's more than likely that I'll just skip it I have only done the CLX ab workout once in my 4 weeks of the program).
It was surprisingly good. It was expecting it to kick my booty, and to be kinda challenging/painful in that yoga way that I hate...but it actually made me feel like I did a mini yoga practice that I didn't have to force myself through. I will do this workout again when I need to do abs.

It seems like one of those things that seems easier than it is. It starts with some rolls onto your back, kind of as a warm up. Then you do some boat poses/v-ups, which are more challenging the higher you hold your legs. Then we did bicycles, levitation holds in lotus position, levitation holds in pike position, some planks and side plans, and some down dog/crocodile/up dog sequences.

It was more doable for me than most Cathe workouts: I could do the whole thing without gasping in pain during any of it. But I felt challenged and well-worked. I think the yoga aspect of holding the positions for a long time was a nice change from endless crunch variations. I also think it's a workout that automatically adapts to your level - you'll hold your legs higher or lower depending on your current ab strength, so you'll be able to customize it to your level pretty well.


Pablo said...

My friend has been looking for another ab workout to do...I'm going to have to pass this onto her!

Christine Scaman said...

Hey, I love your blog here!

I found you via Google looking for reviews on Chalean Extreme. Good review, by the way. I do all the same workouts as you do, though I think you work out more intensely than I do. P90X near killed me. My knees couldn't take the Plyometrics, the Yoga was too long and repetitious, but the Core was brilliant, though very hard.

I order from Collage - favorites are Amy Bento, Cathe, Mindy, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Patrick. I like kickbox quite a lot too.

I'm looking for a new ab routine. I do Mindy Mylrea's All About Abs and like it a lot. This looks the same but different. I'm big Cathe fan, Drill Max being my favorite. I like circuit workouts.

Just wanted to say I'll be reading from now on. As bloggers, we sometimes wonder if we're just do this for our own fun (which is 95% of it) or if anyone is reading. So, someone's reading!

Do you order from Collage or the workout sites themselves?


InstantBlue said...

Hi Christine!

Thanks so much for commenting! I agree, it's really nice to see that people really ARE reading! Thank you!

I love collage, though recently, I've been just doing mostly Cathe stuff, so I've been ordering straight from her presales. I think the STS ab disc is a great one - you get a lot of different routines on it, and a lot of it seems different than Cathe's "normal" ab work. I did the no equipment segment the other day, and it got into my upper abs do deeply it hurt for 3 days! It didn't seem that bad when I was doing it, though :)

I've never tried Mindy or Kelley C-M, though I hear lots and lots of good things about both. They're on my list to try! I love Amy Bento, and have quite a few of her workouts, too. I've pre-ordered her new kettlebell workout, and can't wait to see how it is.

I have to confess, I've NEVER gotten all the way through Tony's Yoga X. 1.5hours??? No way! :) I usually subbed a Baron Baptiste one that was only 45 min, and sometimes I just skipped the yoga entirely and took a bonus day off (the horror! hehe).

Do you ever feel like there are too many workouts and not enough time? hehe.

Thanks for stopping by!