Monday, February 25, 2008


I've been following the New Rules of Lifting for Women workout for the past month or so. I'm still in the first phase, which seems really wimpy compared to a Cathe or P90x workout. The workouts are finished in under 30 minutes, including a warmup. The difference is that I'm trying to lift as heavy as I possibly can. WAAAAAAAAAY heavier that I've ever done before, even when I *thought* I was going heavy in P90x, it was nothing compared to this. I'm just starting out, so these numbers are still "low" compared to how they will be, but still, squatting 95lbs or deadlifting 80lbs is significantly higher than the ~40lbs I'd ever done before.

So, despite lifting much heavier, I still thought that I'd not see a lot of progress during this first 6 weeks because the program starts with a break in phase for people who have not been working out at all. (Ordinarily, I would decide I was too good for any such break-in phase, but after taking off a year+ to have a baby, I thought I should be nice to by body...) Anyway, even this "easy" break in workout is making progress. About 2 months ago, I tried to do some chin ups (easier than pull ups!) and was sad to find that I couldn't even do one without cheating. Well, today I tried again, and I was able to whiip out 3 no problem. If it wasn't a workout day, I would have tried for more, but I didn't want to burn myself out before my workout. So, woo-hoo, yay me. And I'm sorry NROLFW that I doubted you.

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