Friday, January 23, 2009

If you lift weights at home, you should have PowerBlocks

Powerblocks are absolutely the best piece of fitness equipment that I have. They are a set of dumbbells that adjust in weight, so that you can have several pairs of dumbbells that only take up the space of one pair. I use them almost every time I work out (unless I'm just doing a purely cardio workout). I have two sets: the old sport blocks (3-21lbs in 3lb increments) and the old personal set (5-45lbs in 5lb increments).

Here is what I love about my powerblocks:
  • they're fast to change weight
  • they go as heavy as I would ever want to with a dumbbell
  • they are smaller than standard dumbbells at heavier weights
  • the mechaism used to change weights is simple and sturdy and does not have complicated moving parts that will get jammed or broken
  • changing weights is fast - I can do it in about 10 seconds
  • they don't need a special base to hold the extra plates that aren't being used
  • they come with a 10 year warranty (seriously, what product can you buy today with that kind of guarantee?
The only negatives I can say (after using them for over 5 years) is that sometimes the plates stick together when you pull them up. I fixed this by coating each plate with some WD-40 and it solved it. Also, they don't rest well on your shoulders, if you want to put them there for lunges or squats. (I hold them at my sides and they work just fine.)

I love love love my powerblocks and would absolutely purchase them again. Actually, I'll tell you a little secret: I'm considering selling my current sport blocks (the up to 21lb size) because there is a new model that is SO PRETTY I just have to have it. Yes, the only difference is that it is grey instead of black, and the top is curved, not flat. But, I really want the new pretty ones!!

Here's a visual comparing the powerblocks to a standard dumbbell and the Bowflex Selectech. I love that the powerblock isn't HUGE. And, it's not going to get jammed or break like the Selectech (which only comes with a 2 year backing).


Pablo said...

I may be interested in buying them then... :-)

InstantBlue said...

I'm listening.... ;)