Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Before and After

This is my before/after comparison for p90x. It's subtle, but I know there's a difference. You can see tons more ripple in my upper back, and my hips are a lot narrower. And my face us more chiseled. Plus, I know you can't see in the pic, but with more side lighting, I really do have a baby six pack :)

So far, after 8 days of August, I've lost 2 points in my challenge. One for only doing half my planned workout, and one for eating an extra cheat meal. But that extra Diddy Reise ice cream sandwich was totally worth it :D

I'm going on vacation for 4 days over the weekend to celebrate my anniversary. I'm sure I'll lose a bunch of points for that, but I'm ok with it. My goal for this challenge is to earn an A- or better, and I think I can still do this, even if I'm bad on the vacation days. Hmmm...maybe that means it's not really much of a challenge then? :)

I'm really liking Slim Series still. It's completely different from p90x in that it's totally coreographed and there is little room for personalization. You do the same number of reps as Debbie (if you can!) and really only choose between 3 and 5 lb dumbbells. It's kind of surprising to me that after doing something like p90x, I can still be challenged with little 3lb dumbbells. But Debbie has you to like 50 reps with those tiny things and by the end, my shoulders want to die. I'm really curious to see what kind of results all this extremely low weight/ high rep stuff will give my body, since I am one of those women who put on muscle mass relatively easily.


Anonymous said...
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Pablo said...

Ah....vacations always mess ya up! I just got back from Vegas and I don't even want to reminisce about what I ate! But now it's back to the good stuff. Hope you guys are having a great time on your 1st year celebration!