Sunday, September 21, 2008

Push up challenge and update

Long time, no blog :(

But, I am still working out and headed towards my goals. I did a test
today for the push up challenge, and managed 60! Definite progress
from the 35 I started with, but still a ways to go. I am hopeful that
I'll be able to do week 6 once and then the hundred right away, but
the way this test went, it's probably going to take a few rounds of
week 6. Bah!

Oh, and according to my suprailliac measurement today, bf% is at
18.6%, which translates to 98lbs LBM and 22.5lbs fat. Woo!

Just to track my progress so far, here are my Sept 1 stats next to
Weight: 122.5 .......121.0 (-1.5)
BF%: 20.9 ....... 18.6 (-2.3%)
Lbs of fat: 25.6 ....... 22.5 (-3.1)
Lean body mass: 96.9 ....... 98.4 (+1.5)

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Pablo said...

Amaria! I was searching Gmail to find your guys address, and I found the link to your blog. I had no idea you were maintaining it! I'll have to check it out now to get me more motivated to work out!